Best Gifts for your Mother, Sisters, Wife and Daughters

Your mother presented you with the beauties of life. You have a future and life can take you wherever it wants to… thanks your mom for that.

But words don't speak as loud as actions. So what is the ideal way to prove your gratitude towards your mother, to prove how amazing she is as a parent? Well we are here to make that easy for you.

You can make a difference by creating more easiness in her life during cooking in kitchen by giving these tools that will not only facilitate her but also for creating a happy food. 

1. Multifunctional Vegetable Cutter

Daily cooking and making green Masala is not easy and it take time. so, to make it easy and save time use this product.

  • Multifunctional Vegetable Slicer- Easy to clean, save your dinner prep time with 3 kinds of replaceable blades, Slicing blade is suitable for  slicing cucumber tomato, carrot, potato, onion, cheese, nuts, garlic.
  • High Quality Materials-the three slicer blades is made of high quality stainless steel and other parts are made of food grade plastic that is strong and durable. The cheese grater is removable and not break easily, make sure it can be used last a long time.


2. Grater Vegetable Chopper

Cutting of vegetable for quick cooking when the guests are at the door along with mincing of Chicken are not easy and taking too much time. Let make them easy using this product

Innovative drum design, cutting vegetables does not hurt hands.
Waterproof fuselage, easy to clean.
Use 3-Blade shredder to quickly and easily create professional quality slices.
There are three different drums for cutting filaments, thick filaments and thin sheets.
Anti-skid design. You can cut vegetables by turning the handle.
After using it, just rinse with water.
3. Manual Fruits Chopper
My mother and father can not eat salad and fruits as a whole, they need in chopped form daily because they have not teeth. Lets make it easy for them to make salad any time anywhere by using this manual chopper product which is easy to use.
Reducing your preparing time on chopping, our food chopper equipped with 3 stainless steel blades which can chopper your food quickly! Simple manual chopper with portable design is easy for speedy cleanup, dishwasher acceptable.
Avoiding hurt from touching the blades, chopping your food in few second by slapping the top part. Silicone anti-skid pad on the bottom, for your safety on smooth surface operation. Blades wrapped by plastic protester.
Our hand food chopper PASSED the stress test intensively and over thousands of using WITHOUT ISSUE. Totally 100% BPA free! NO RISK TO TRY!
4. Wet Basket Vegetable Washer & Cutter
Cutting vegetable along with washing is easy and handy when you use this product that is just love

The item is capable for both cutting and washing vegetables. It has 5 types of cutting attachment which can slice, shred and even grate vegetables according to suitability. It also includes a handheld slicer. Besides that being for cutting, it is itself a washing basket that can be used for washing and rinsing vegetables in general.

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